Keep music live

I’ve had a sticker on my guitar case since I was at uni (which is a very long time ago). It says ‘keep music live’. I’ve performed in pubs over the years, usually as a singer rather than a guitarist (much safer for all concerned!) And I believe live, accessible music is really important. Legislation currently makes it much easier for music to be heard over the internet than in your local pub. Always assuming your local pub hasn’t become (like the ad says) ‘a trendy wine bar’.

If you go to this link you can register your displeasure at this state of affairs.


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One Response to “Keep music live”

  1. David Phillips Says:

    Dear Judi Moore
    I am chairman of Leighton Buzzard Music Club. I was at the Linsdale concert you reviewed so interestingly and I wonder if you’d be interested in reviewing some of our concerts. We promote 8 top-rate professional chamber music concerts a year at LB theatre. The next one is on 30th Jan given by a wonderful soprano Erica Eloff with pianist mark Nixon. She is singing songs by Grieg, Rachmaninonv, Debussy, Finzi and Vaughan Williams.
    If you’re interested, we’d be delighted to give you a complimentary ticket.
    See our website for all info. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes, David Phillips


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