In a time before this …

In the old century, when unicorns and hypogryffs still roamed a pastoral Britain (oh, alright – in the 1990s you unromantic lot) I managed to get a couple of pieces into the excellent magazine ‘The Interpreter’s House’. It’s great that the mag is still going – and still under the caring and careful editorial handContinue reading “In a time before this …”

Event at StonyWords6 last week

It went very well, thank you for asking. I got a chance to scrawl nice things in a ‘flourishing and fanciful*’ fashion in books for which I do take some responsibility. *Ah, Mrs Ruck-Keene. She was responsible for much. As you do when you’re 15, I was developing a signature.  She wrote, as quoted above, inContinue reading “Event at StonyWords6 last week”

For the sharp-eyed reader …

The more perspicacious amongst you will have noticed that the puff for my book in the previous post was provided by the chap with whom I shared a stage at StonyWords6 last week. What can I tell you – the writer’s world is a small and somewhat incestuous one. However, I can assure you that no thumbContinue reading “For the sharp-eyed reader …”

Press release

IS DEATH REALLY NECESSARY? by Judi Moore  What’s it about?  It is 2038. In Edinburgh a furious father-daughter relationship has finally come to an end with the death of Theo Goldstein at the age of 106. By this time most of his organs are plastic, developed and produced by his own prosthetics company, Gold’s. ToContinue reading “Press release”