Poetry Kapow 10

I rashly took my poems in hand and did a four minute open mic spot at a local performance poetry gig last Friday. People seemed to like the poems. I’m getting better at delivering them now I think (speak slower, project better, don’t treat the mic quite so much like a poisonous cobra …)  I’m going to be really mean and not post the poems either because I want to use them for a competition shortly. Hmmm – was there any point to this post at all I hear you ask …

 Here, anyway, is the link:

Danni 3 @ Poetry Kapow! 9 (9th April 2010) by Claire Stanton

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2 Responses to “Poetry Kapow 10”

  1. Marshal Anderson Says:

    Looks like it was a great evening – it’s good to see that stuff going on, there was a brave attempt up here for a while, but that just faded away :O(


    • judimoore Says:

      We’re up to our hips in performance poetry here at the moment: Poetry Kapow twice a year, Tongue in Chic every other month and Scribal Gathering monthly. It’s mostly poetry, some music and the occasional bit of stand-up. It’s good grounding for greater things for those who perform and very inexpensive to attend. MK poets are doing well at slams all over the country currently. Long may it continue!


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