Well, it’s taken me 3 days (off and on) but I’ve just succeeded (I think!) in uploading The Opus for use with Kindle readers. I shall now unwrap the wet towel from around my fevered brow (well, it was wet when I started – it seems to have steamed dry …) and reward myself with a large vodka. Don’t look for the listing yet (if you were going to) as apparently it takes between hours and days for it to creep through into an area where you can actually buy it. Hopefully there will be a twittering of interest now for Christmas.

If anyone wants to know how to format a book for uploading to Kindle without using .html or .pdf – I’m your woman!

 I haven’t forgotten that I promised to post a short short short story from my ‘published pile’.  I’ll have a rummage later this week.


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