O Happy We …

The more I think about it, the more I become convinced that we Baby Boomers (I count myself as a suck-a-thumb, tagger-on to this happy breed) are THE generation who ‘never had it so good’. We had a welfare state, we had university grants, there were jobs, you could live on the money you earned, there was PROGRESS. We changed the world. Or the world changed and we hung on while it scratched and turned over. Not sure which.

But that’s all over now. Now we’re becoming a nation of private renters again, with umpteen prospect-free mini-jobs apiece. The power of labour has been destroyed. You have to start saving for your retirement as soon as you’ve paid off your student loan. There’s a treadmill, which nobody dare step off.

We appear to have progressed so far that quality of life is now plummeting, despite all the wonderful technological gizmos. Paperless office? Not a bit of it. Computers just enable the greedy people who run the world more easily to dupe Joe and Joan Public: me!

Take my gas and lecky accounts. They’ve had the money out of my account. But have they put it towards the gas and lecky I’ve used? Nope. Where is it? A computer can’t even shrug. Do they care that they’ve cocked up somewhere? You can’t even get through on the phone. Will I get an answer I can understand? Dream on. Is this an isolated incident? Nope. You can waste your life these days trying to make sure you haven’t been diddled by your bank; your insurance companies; your utilities’ supplier; the people who sold you your white goods, your car, your house.

And we haven’t had a decent summer for four years.

Right – I feel better for that! C’mon, Zak – let’s go Walkies!


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