Here comes the new wave!

Well what do I know? The Indie writing scene that I postulated might be on its way is here already. Rather a lot of it. If one checked all the websites that have a bearing on one’s own writing these days one would have no time to write at all (chorus of ‘oh, it all makes work …’). However, indie sites and review blogs are multiplying like amoeba (amoebae?). We are at the forefront of something. Hang on to your surfboard – it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

By the by – someone who should know mentioned to me the other week that publishers like to see an author has persevered and put something out on Kindle, or self-published on paper (for which last, of course, you need quite a lot of money) as it shows that a) they can finish a book (not a given!) and b) they have self-confidence and stickability. I’ll add a c): they’ll be sooo grateful for a publisher’s input if/when they finally get one.


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