My Beautiful Mommy: old news

Not being one who jerks a knee without checking out why the knee has jerked (note to self: really ought to get into the habit of doing this the other way around). I made a few minutes today to look at Michael Alexander Salzhauer’s book on Amazon. You can’t ‘see inside’ but there are some examplesContinue reading “My Beautiful Mommy: old news”


Get ’em when they’re young …

I’ve just been alerted to the most astonishing book for children. It is American.  It’s called ‘My Beautiful Mommy (note Am spelling) and has been written by Michael Alexander Salzhauer. I’m not going to post a link. It just encourages them. It sets out why American Mommies want to, or should, have plastic surgery. IContinue reading “Get ’em when they’re young …”