Anyone who’s read through the LBMC reviews I’ve posted on here to date will have noticed some variety in the formatting. Trust me – they left Word formatted identically. But somehow they’ve arrived here as twisted and deformed versions of their lovely selves. The principal bugbear is the disappearance of double spacing between paragraphs. I don’t enjoy hunting for my paragraphs and I’m sure you don’t either. And if you’re one of my ex-students you will remember how *very* much I like paragraphing to be accurate :o) so it is a particular sorrow to me that it should all look so naff. The naffness is not lack of labour to make it lovely – nooooo. But short of giving myself a coronary or heaving the computer through the attic window in the end I had To Make Do.

Which is all to say – if anyone reading this knows where I’m going wrong: please tell me (gently …).


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