Indie books v traditional publishing: fight the flab

My previous post about the quality of Indie books has reminded me of something.

Some time ago a friend of mine who – like me – likes Greece, their myths and fiction about these, lent me a novel about Helen of Troy. It was well copyedited of course. But at 540 pages it … went on a bit. I did my best to get into it, but in the end I had to give it back unfinished. I’m sure there was an interesting book in there somewhere, but oh, the flab. Every location, every utensil was painted exhaustively in words. The heroine went over her unfortunate lot in her mind every time she was alone. And, sadly, this was a child who was left to her own devices more often than not. So it isn’t just Indie writers who need to fight the flab.

And is this weighty tome going to fly off the shelves? Doubt it. What a waste of what we are told are increasingly scarce resources in publishing.


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