Jenkinson-Frith duo: Leighton Buzzard Music Club, Saturday 26 January 2013

Leighton Library Theatre was well filled on 26th January to hear the exciting duo Richard Jenkinson (cello) and Benjamin Frith (piano). They brought with them an adventurous, programme of Russian music that brought out the passion and melody, strength and melancholy of the Russian temperament. Had the snow still been lying outside we would allContinue reading “Jenkinson-Frith duo: Leighton Buzzard Music Club, Saturday 26 January 2013”


Romantic musical fantasies on a chilly evening.

Recital by Rosalind Ventris (viola) and Lara Dodds-Eden (piano) at Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre On Saturday 1 December, 2012 those of us who braved the wintry weather enjoyed a tremendous concert under the aegis of Leighton Buzzard Music Club.. The programme promised the warm, dark tone of a viola, early twentieth century British music whichContinue reading “Romantic musical fantasies on a chilly evening.”

The English Piano Trio play at Leighton Buzzard Music Club

On the 20th of October LBMC presented the English Piano Trio. The Trio have been playing together for 23 years. All that experience means they are perfectly together, reading each other’s minds as easily as we could read their professionalism from the white tie and tails worn by Messrs Ravenscroft and Pearson and the elegantContinue reading “The English Piano Trio play at Leighton Buzzard Music Club”