i cannot bring myself to look at walls in case you have graffitied them with love poetry (kindle edition)

Because Dan’s novel has created some interest here – and in the interests of bringing some more of his work to the attention of people who might enjoy it – I’m pasting in below the short review of his last poetry collection that I did for Amazon. You can get a Kindle version of the book there, or free from Dan’s website.

“This is a short collection of poetry and prose which would prefer to be strutting its hour upon the stage but which works well on the page as well – although I occasionally got the impression that Mr Holloway’s preferred line lengths might have worked better on a slightly bigger, paper page.

Dan Holloway is a sort of Oxfordian Allen Ginsberg. Actually some of this is set in London and America as well. If Ginsberg was still writing he might well be writing like this – if he had embraced slamming, which I’m sure he would. There are relentlessly hopeful and hopeless poems in this little collection. And two tiny stories which are almost prose poems. There are marvellous images and rhythms.

My favourite is ‘Petals’


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2 Responses to “i cannot bring myself to look at walls in case you have graffitied them with love poetry (kindle edition)”

  1. danholloway Says:

    thank you so much. Ebooks are the bane of poets’ lives for line breaks! That’s one reason the book is now available only as a free pdf and a pamphlet (both at http://danholloway.wordpress.com/work-in-progress/i-cannot-bring-myself-to-look-at-walls-in-case-you-have-graffitied-them-with-love-poetry/) – that way in both instances the line breaks are as they should be 🙂


  2. judimoore Says:

    That’s sensible, Dan. I got around most of the line break problems by reading it in landscape rather than portrait format.

    As poetry is, fairly obviously, a genre ideally suited to Kindling someone ought to be pressing Amazon and its ilk to make ebook formats more poetry-friendly. Every so often I send Amazon a list of things they ought to do to improve the Kindle experience for writers and readers. They profess to like this and promise make a note of it for their developers. I’ll mention this next time I’ve got a little list together.


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