Mo’ better words

I saw this in Jolyon Connell’s editorial piece in The Week last week and it got my language weathervane spinning merrily: “In the FT Simon Kuper … argues that … prose is ‘becoming blessedly more like speech. Social media, blogs and emails have hugely improved the way we write.'” Fellow writers may be blenching slightly at this point – but wait for it. “Before the internet, only professional writers wrote, now tens of millions of people do, using online media and making this the most literate age in history.” Can’t argue with that. “In fact … writing is overtaking speech as the most common form of interaction. Pessimists may call this the death of civilisation, ‘a vision of mute youths exchanging semi-literate solipsistic messages’. ”

Which point of the linguistic compass do you find yourself veering towards? And do you find yourself moving from one point to another once you’ve thought about it a bit?


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