Well here’s an off the wall post. Nothing about writing or music – about thyroid. 

This is an e-petition for better treatment for people who suffer with thyroid disorders. It’s been around for a while now (although I haven’t shared it here before). I make no apology for maybe waving it at folk more than once.

The thyroid impacts on every bit of you – mood, energy, concentration, weight, muscles and tendons; on every bit of your day. And as it can cause insomnia it can chase you through your nights as well.

If you’ve got thyroid problems and the one-size-fits-all treatment doesn’t suit you life can be misery.

If your thyroid is healthy be very glad – and sign the petition, pretty please.


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2 Responses to “Thyroid”

  1. Jean Brown Says:

    Hi Judi, I read a review of yours regarding some Thyroxine you purchased from Amazon. You weren’t happy with your purchase and stated you had found another supplier for Natural Thyroxine. As I am looking for somewhere to buy this product could you tell me where you but it now. I have been ill for 7 years, GP tried to diagnose me with Fibromyalgia but I’m a nurse and I know what my symptoms are, why they can’t see it I don’t know.
    I’ve just seen an endocrinologist and am waiting for blood results (again) but I get the feeling he will tell me my bloods are “normal”.
    I’d be pulling my hair out in frustration if I hadn’t already lost so much of it, ha ha!
    If you can help it would be great, I’m cautious about buying off the internet.
    Regards Jean


    • judimoore Says:

      Hi Jean,

      I’ve emailed you. This doesn’t seem to be the sort of conversation we want to have in public.

      You should already have the email. Let me know if not, and either send me another email address, or I’ll fashion a reply for a public forum.

      with all good wishes


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