Shut the front door!

My first novel ‘Is death really necessary?’ (a surprisingly cheery ecothriller about the death of petrol-based transport and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis) is currently massively discounted down to £1.53on on Amazon UK.                                                 Continue reading “Shut the front door!”

Little Mouse – extra stockists

Delighted to report on a couple of extra outlets that can now supply Little Mouse. Perhaps most useful for people who like to avoid using Amazon. (Although as an e-book it is only available on Kindle.) Fishponds: And The Book Depository : (The Book Depository are having difficulty displaying the cover image for some reasonContinue reading “Little Mouse – extra stockists”

Emily Mowbray and friends entertain Leighton Buzzard Music Club

On Saturday 11 October one of Leighton Buzzard’s favourite, and most talented, daughters returned to her home town to play a professional engagement for the first time in her burgeoning musical career.  Emily Mowbray and two of her friends from the Royal Northern College of Music – Polly Virr and Tom Hicks – put togetherContinue reading “Emily Mowbray and friends entertain Leighton Buzzard Music Club”