Another good review for ‘Little Mouse’

“This is a fabulous novella – a form that is much misunderstood, as it is neither a long short story nor a short novel, but something that has more in common with the unities, I think. It’s a compelling, very well-written, rather sad book, and one which asks in unified length what it means toContinue reading “Another good review for ‘Little Mouse’”

Apollo5: ‘With a Song in my Heart’

What fun we had on the last day of January in St Barnabas church, despite the cold outside. The easiest musical gift to share is the voice – and it is also the most portable. Many more people use their voices to sing than might consider playing a physical, musical instrument. Thus it was noContinue reading “Apollo5: ‘With a Song in my Heart’”

Bedford Park by Bryan Appleyard

I enjoy and admire the articles I have read by Bryan Appleyard, so was very pleased to see this new novel by him out last year. His usual preoccupations (architecture and popular science) provide an interesting basis for it. A number of real, historical, people wander through it, playing supporting roles. But what, oh what,Continue reading “Bedford Park by Bryan Appleyard”

Musical gems at Leighton Library on Saturday 29th November 2014

The Manor House String Quartet is a shifting combination of very fine classical string players organised by and around Vaughan Jones, their principal violin. The members all have other commitments with orchestras etc, and come together to play chamber music in concerts, for weddings and other occasions They enjoy unearthing unusual repertoire. The music theyContinue reading “Musical gems at Leighton Library on Saturday 29th November 2014”

Review – The Tourist Trail: a novel by John Yunker

This dares to be different. It is an adventure story and a romance (a couple of romances, actually) wrapped up in a setting that I would risk a small bet you will not have come across before: conservation. That should probably be with a big C. And it’s an indie publication. One of the bestContinue reading “Review – The Tourist Trail: a novel by John Yunker”

A review of ‘Little Mouse’

“This little book is a really gripping read, the characters live as real and the situations appear real. Its a short read, so great for someone like me, as I am a slow reader, and I found it difficult to put it down. I wasn’t totally happy about the ending, but then I don’t thinkContinue reading “A review of ‘Little Mouse’”

Little Mouse reduced

The wee rodent has been reduced to a teeny-weeny price on Amazon, so get it while it’s cheap! Here’s a nice review of it to encourage you: “This is a fabulous novella – a form that is much misunderstood, as it is neither a long short story nor a short novel, but something that hasContinue reading “Little Mouse reduced”

The Right by Steve Sohmer

This is a very tasty stew of a book. It’s a great page turner. I enjoy American political thrillers, so I am its target market, along with anyone who enjoyed Primary Colours and The West Wing. The Right deals with a couple of the big subjects which exercise Americans: the death penalty and abortion. TheContinue reading “The Right by Steve Sohmer”

Celebrating the birth of the saxophone

Last Saturday Leighton Buzzard Music Club hosted another in their excellent series of classical concerts by upcoming musicians with Anthony Brown playing saxophone accompanied by Leo Nicholson playing piano. Readers may remember Leo Nicholson visited Leighton last year with flautist Rosanna Ter-Berg, which was a delightful concert. This time he accompanied a different performer, againContinue reading “Celebrating the birth of the saxophone”