Guild Singers concert 16 July 2015

Enjoyed another tuneful concert yesterday evening, here in Milton Keynes. This time by the Guild Singers, a group of ladies who perform in aid of local charities. Yesterday it was the turn of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. The dogs were gorgeous, and occasionally added an unexpected harmony to the proceedings. Although the one alongContinue reading “Guild Singers concert 16 July 2015”

‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir

You may recall (although I bet you don’t) that in 2013 I raved about how good Andy Weir’s self-published SF book¬†The Martian¬†was? Thereafter (I can claim no credit) he was picked up by pukka, mainly SF, publisher Del Rey. Yay! Now it is to become a major motion picture (as they say) directed by RidleyContinue reading “‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir”

Amazon giveth: and taketh away

You may have seen that Amazon are changing the way they pay authors enrolled in their book loan schemes. The library fund will now be shared according to how many pages readers have read, not simply on whether they have borrowed the book. There was previously a 10% minimum proportion read caveat on books –Continue reading “Amazon giveth: and taketh away”