National Poetry Day

Jamming together the incongruent facts of it being National Poetry Day and having a conversation with the girls in Bakery in my local Sainsbury’s earlier about working in a chocolate factory, I have disinterred my poem about working in a chocolate factory:


Chocolate air hung over the town.

We breathed in chocolate, every day.

Waking or sleeping it was there.

The sweet smell wrecked the Sunday roast,

tainted our chucky eggs at tea-time.

Just once each child was taken out from school

and walked in crocodile up to the factory gates.

While we looked in the teacher said,

“This is the biggest factory in the town.

If you don’t do your best in school you’ll find

you end up here. Now we’ll go inside and see

them making chocolate on the factory floor.”

In we went, into the oh-so chocolate air.

And all of us were silent, thinking of

a life of chocolate unrelieved.


One Response to “National Poetry Day”

  1. Judi Moore Says:

    Unfortunately WordPress has, determinedly, destroyed the formatting of the poem. Even more unfortunately, I don’t have the time just now to sort out yet another Technological Snafu this week (others are of longer standing, but are not WordPress), so do the best you can 🙂


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