Roma Nova IV: Aurelia by Alison Morton

Product Details

Do you like historical fiction? Set in Ancient Rome? Do you enjoy reading about capable women? Do you enjoy alternative history? If you answered yes to any one of these then you will enjoy this series of books by Alison Morton. Aurelia is a prequel to the earlier 3 Roma Nova novels. It stands alone perfectly, however, and is a rip-roaring story about an enclave of pagan Romans, led by their women, extant somewhere in the mountainous region around modern Slovenia. There are family feuds, a plot to subvert the succession of the Imperatrices, smugglers, a manipulated Silver Exchange; responsibility and duty set against passions that run the gamut from hate to I’m-going-weak-at-the-knees love. The story bowls along at a great pace, whipped by the great storytelling abilities of Alison Morton. I enjoyed it very much.



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