Ice cold passion: stories

Huzzah! My volume of short stories is out in time for Christmas. Below is a link to it on Amazon. You can also get it from other good online book sellers including Waterstone’s online I understand. Let me know if you have difficulties sourcing. The Kindle version should be available tomorrow or Friday.

Ice Cold Passion Front Cover 27_10_14


Novelette: ‘The primrose way’

Short stories: ‘Arnhem, 1944’, ‘Suffer little children’, ‘The perfect name’, ‘An angel passing through’, ‘Losses’, ‘Judas the Iscariot’,’ Pretty words’, ‘Ice cold passion’.

What are these nine stories about?

Engaging a gardener; innocents in war; being homeless, then not being homeless; the best way to name a baby; the power and the beauty of sport; different innocents in another war; politics in the time of Pontius Pilate; how not to console a friend and, finally, a swan song on ice.

“People are capable of the most extraordinary things: even the sort of people one might imagine live cloistered lives in one way or another.

Sometimes the extraordinary things that come to us all lead to success – even to triumph; sometimes to disappointment – even disaster.”…/…/ref=sr_1_1…


One Response to “Ice cold passion: stories”

  1. childtasticbooks Says:

    Exciting news, Judi! Just went on to amazon to get this – it says there is a 3-5 week delay for the paperback and currently no Kindle option. Will try Waterstones too but just thought I would let you know. Congrats on the book!


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