Remembering Brautigan


‘The Hawkline Monster’ was the Brautigan set book on our American Studies Lit syllabus at UCW (Aberystwyth) – as it was called then  –  in the Seventies (when Brautigan was still alive). I’d never read anything so off the wall in my life, and loved it. I loved it so much I got hold of as much of the rest of his output as  I could and read that too. I loved them all. Getting hold of Brautigan’s work (even with a university bookshop that knew we ran an Am St course) in deepest west Wales was no small thing. I treasure my Brautigans.

Why this post now?  You may well ask. Chaos following my house move is still general, but as of the end of last week I have lots of lovely bookshelves built into the alcoves here. So I am now investigating the many (really: many) boxes of books in the box room and relocating the contents, lovingly, to their new homes. And here … come … the  … Brautigans!

There may be other trips down a bibliophile’s memory lane to come.



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