It has happened again. It will happen more and more.

I bought a copy of a 2012 Kim Stanley Robinson tome, ‘2312’, after I found a favourable review of it in an old ‘Interzone’. I love KSR’s world-building. I haven’t gone on a journey with him into our solar system since being entranced by his ‘Red Mars’, ‘Blue mars’ and ‘Green Mars’, so I was keen to get started when the book arrived.

But, oh dear, the toll the years have taken on the fabric of my poor old body. 2312 is BIG and swiftly demonstrated that the arthritis in my hands has gotten WORSE, as I couldn’t hold the thing open without pain for long enough to get through the prelims. Which is all to say that as well as buying my secondhand, paperback, copy of ‘2312’ I have also had to buy it on Kindle. I am now getting on with it famously. So well that, if I ever decide to move again, I may try Mercury …

I’m finally shelving books from my recent move. Hooray!

Marge Piercy’s ‘Gone to Soldiers’ emerged from a box. Marge Piercy

Where ‘2312’ is big (over 592 pp), the Piercy is ENORMOUS (768pp). And the print is considerably smaller. NOW I remember why it’s still in the ‘to-read’ box. Even before my hands got cranky, my wrists complained when I tried to juggle it open (and there’s nothing wrong with my wrists). The thing with a really FAT tome is that it is only well-balanced enough to read in physical comfort when you’ve got to the middle of it. A conundrum which Kindle solves delightfully. OH NO! No Kindle edition of the Piercy. Come on, Simon and Schuster: move with the times!


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