Review of ‘The Scroll of Years’ by Chris Willrich

      I pursued this book high and low and finally fettled a copy with the depressing word ‘discard’ on the back. Thereafter I have taken ages to read it, in the same way that one tries to make a particularly delicious ice cream last. This is the first full length novel about Willrich’sContinue reading “Review of ‘The Scroll of Years’ by Chris Willrich”

The Course

a play by Brendan O’Carroll, directed by Jan Dench: performed 18th -21st May 2016 at The Warehouse Theatre, Weymouth Brendan O’Carroll is a polarising sort of chap. ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ is a guilty pleasure of mine. I sometimes channel-hop into it, and always stay until the end because I am immediately roaring with laughter, no matterContinue reading “The Course”

Jonathan’s Shield by Channing Turner

**Originally written for “BigAl’s Books and Pals” book blog. May have received a free review copy.** Genre: Historical fiction Description: “Beral’s only goal is to serve loyally as Jonathan’s shield bearer and protect his prince through whatever battles may come. But Jonathan needs a friend as well, a man he can trust while navigating theContinue reading “Jonathan’s Shield by Channing Turner”

Review of The Lion of the Cross by T M Carter

I have begun reviewing for what I consider to be the premier Indie fiction review site – Big Al & Pals, based in the States. I feel honoured to be in such high-falutin’ company to be honest. I shall be rummaging around in their historical, thriller, SF and fantasy genre lists for gems to reportContinue reading “Review of The Lion of the Cross by T M Carter”

My booky-wooks

In case there’s anyone alive who hasn’t heard me bang on about my books. Or you’ve been living in a cave in the Outer Hebrides for the past few years, here is a reprise. They are all available from AmazonUK and US, Waterstone’s online, fishpond, The Book Depository and, in the States, Barnes & Noble.Continue reading “My booky-wooks”