the overused PSPOs …

… and their effect on dog walking . 31 OCT 2016 — I learned this morning (from Radio Solent, when I was doing A Bit about our ‘walking dogs on the beach’ issue) that we in Weymouth are not the only ones with increasing problems with where we may walk a dog and under what conditions. OverContinue reading “the overused PSPOs …”

A horrifying hit for Hallowe’en!

Originally posted on childtasticbooks:
Hallowe’en is nearly on our doorsteps and, as usual, I’m enjoying this spooky time of year. With longer evenings, fog and the abundance of brightly coloured squashes (OK, pumpkins but one year we used a bizarrely shaped monster courgette) what better way to raise a few chills and thrills than read…

Every dog has its day

Weymouth dogs’ day is tomorrow. When dog people will, hopefully, be cramming themselves into our little ‘doggie’ bit of Weymouth beach to show our displeasure at the change to the dates when we may walk our dogs along the whole of the town beach unrestricted. The petition I started about this (see post below)Continue reading “Every dog has its day”

Some random poetry of mine (as it’s National Poetry Day)

Venus Helpless to do otherwise, I follow Venus around the Leighton Buzzard by-pass. We have both been out for the evening. But I am going home now: she strikes an attitude hand on her hip, reflecting the light of her little upstart sister, the moon. (Who should have been in bed hours ago.) She makesContinue reading “Some random poetry of mine (as it’s National Poetry Day)”

Undo changes to annual dogs-on-town-beach permission

If you live in Weymouth and like to walk your dog on the beach in autumn, winter and spring, please consider signing this petition which some of us have put together. Just click the link at the bottom of the post, and you should arrive at the place of signing. If you are walking yourContinue reading “Undo changes to annual dogs-on-town-beach permission”