Every dog has its day

Weymouth dogs’ day is tomorrow. When dog people will, hopefully, be cramming themselves into our little ‘doggie’ bit of Weymouth beach to show our displeasure at the change to the dates when we may walk our dogs along the whole of the town beach unrestricted. The Change.org petition I started about this (see post below) has over 900 signatures as of this morning! There is considerable local feeling about it. Local press and radio have picked up on it. My dulcet tones may be heard on Radio Solent on Monday morning at 7 a.m., reporting back on how our dog day afternoon went. This is not an hour of the morning I am familiar with. I’m just hoping that my brain will accompany my body to the OB studio that is to be parked somewhere beside Weymouth Pavilion.

We have already ‘scored’ the opportunity to present our case to the full council meeting on 19 January next year.

Tomorrow’s beach meeting is between 2 and 4. If you are local do please come. Bring your dog if you like. Definitely bring a camera! And whoever and wherever you are, wish us fine weather, please.

Here is one of those on whose behalf we are campaigning. Who could deny him?


Zak: beach: ball: bliss


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One Response to “Every dog has its day”

  1. Sam pope Says:

    Good luck Judi!


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