A horrifying hit for Hallowe’en!

Scroll to the end for a scary seasonal story. Very short. Beautifully written: beautifully read.


Hallowe’en is nearly on our doorsteps and, as usual, I’m enjoying this spooky time of year. With longer evenings, fog and the abundance of brightly coloured squashes (OK, pumpkins but one year we used a bizarrely shaped monster courgette) what better way to raise a few chills and thrills than read one – or all – of Jonathan Stroud’s brilliant Lockwood & Co novels?

http://www.jonathanstroud.com/a_a_images_2015/ss_uk.jpg      http://www.jonathanstroud.com/a_a_images_2015/ws_uk.jpghttp://www.jonathanstroud.com/a_a_images_2015/Lockwood-Hollow-Boy-jacket.jpg     http://www.jonathanstroud.com/a_images_2016/creeping_shadow_uk_main.jpgThe plot

For over half a century, the UK has been in the grip of an epidemic of ghosts. Adults cannot see, hear or sense them so children and teens are recruited to do all the dirty work. Visitors from the afterlife can bring death to the living (often through the much-dreaded ‘ghost touch’) so the young must arm themselves with the best tools around (magnesium flares, iron filings, chains and salt bombs) to not only protect themselves but also destroy the ghouls that…

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  1. childtasticbooks Says:

    Thanks for the reblog and the kind words, Judi! Much appreciated. x


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