the overused PSPOs …

… and their effect on dog walking .

31 OCT 2016 — I learned this morning (from Radio Solent, when I was doing A Bit about our ‘walking dogs on the beach’ issue) that we in Weymouth are not the only ones with increasing problems with where we may walk a dog and under what conditions. Over 2000 anti-dog (for want of a better word) Orders have been enacted since the government brought in Public Service Protection Orders (what used to be bylaws) and encouraged councils to use them. This is resulting in what Laurence Herdman of Radio Solent this morning called ‘ASBOs for dogs’, such as we are now contending with. Here is a link to some info about PSPOs:

The Kennel Club are getting involved, because cutting down, drastically, year after year, on where people can walk their pets is not, actually, healthful. Having a dog and walking a dog both have proven health benefits, which councils (not just ours) are ignoring in their rush to stop everybody doing everything everywhere.

This may become a national issue. Watch this space!


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One Response to “the overused PSPOs …”

  1. Judi Moore Says:

    These PSPOs and their ugly sisters the Community Protection Notices are pretty much guaranteed to set communities at each others’ throats over the minutiae of life. It encourages neighbours to spy on and report neighbours. It narrows vision. It makes sure ordinary folk are preoccupied about whether a dog is allowed to be walked here or there, or whether a neighbour has weeded their garden instead of stuff like … oh I don’t know … refugees dying in leaky boats, bombing Aleppo, getting out of the EU with some dignity.


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