Review of ‘Traitor’s Ring’ by Susan Stuckey

Genre: Sword and Sorcery Description: Lady Kari Farley has been widowed in the war with the Halurdow and faces a bleak, penniless future. In the nick of time her former lover offers her a future of riches and independence in return for helping enemy invaders identify and capture a Guardian of her own people —Continue reading “Review of ‘Traitor’s Ring’ by Susan Stuckey”

Review of ‘The Posthumous Adventures of Harry Whittaker’ by Bobbie Darbyshire (2019, Sandstone Press)

A new novel from Bobbie Darbyshire is an event to celebrate. Here one is. Huzzah! I have seen her new novel described as ‘quirky’. As she has created her own version of the afterlife I wouldn’t argue with that epithet. When we first meet Sir Harry Whittaker, inheritor of Olivier’s mantle, he is already deadContinue reading “Review of ‘The Posthumous Adventures of Harry Whittaker’ by Bobbie Darbyshire (2019, Sandstone Press)”

Review of ‘Incognito’ by Khaled Talib

Review originally prepared for ‘Big Al & Pals. Received a complimentary review copy. Genre: thriller Description: Here is some of what is posted on Amazon about this book: “Pope Gregoire XVII was last seen waving to the crowd at Saint Peter’s square from the famous Apostolic Palace window. Despite several layers of tight security, neitherContinue reading “Review of ‘Incognito’ by Khaled Talib”

‘Prince Arthur: the Tudor king who never was’ by Sean Cunningham

I don’t usually review a book if I don’t like it. It seems unfair to the author, who has spent many hours on the work. But in this case I do feel a word of warning is warranted. Books about Prince Arthur are thin on the ground, so alternatives to this book are rare. Indeed,Continue reading “‘Prince Arthur: the Tudor king who never was’ by Sean Cunningham”

Free, oh lord: free at last!

‘Is death really necesary?’ is free to download to your Kindle from Amazon US and Amazon UK between 1 and 5 March 2019. If you’ve read it and enjoyed it please tell your friends. If you haven’t read it – give it a go, why not. It’s free this week! Don’t forget shoppers at AmazonContinue reading “Free, oh lord: free at last!”