‘Fear the wolf’ by Andrew Butcher

** Review originally prepared for ‘Big Al & Pals’. Received a complimentary review file ** Genre: Fantasy Description: Amazon’s blurb says, “Fear the Wolf is an adult fantasy thriller set in a mysterious world that was torn apart by a great cataclysm. Follow Senla on her treacherous journey as she overcomes her greatest fears and learns toContinue reading “‘Fear the wolf’ by Andrew Butcher”

Review: ‘Rivers Run: Elemental Keys Book 1’, by Lynne Cantwell

** Review originally prepared for ‘Big Al and Pals’ ** Genre: Urban Fantasy Description: Raney Meadows is an actor in a long-running TV series. It has all become a bit much for her, so she takes a leave of absence to hike part of the Appalachian Trail and clear her mind. Unfortunately, on the TrailContinue reading “Review: ‘Rivers Run: Elemental Keys Book 1’, by Lynne Cantwell”

‘Slow Horses’ by Mick Herron

I’ve been meaning to get around to this novel for the longest time. My brother recommended it to me. We are both John Le Carré and Gavin Lyall fans. Since 2015, when this first Jackson Lamb spy thriller came out, Herron has written another five. So that’s now a nice juicy series of six toContinue reading “‘Slow Horses’ by Mick Herron”

‘The Shoe Mender’s Lament and other short stories’ by Peter Ruffell

Peter Ruffell’s short foreword tells the reader that these 17 little stories, and the poem which completes the book, started life during writing sessions at Off The Cuff, a writing workshop in Weymouth. The length of these stories reflects that: they’re a little longer (and, thus, meatier) than flash fiction, but short enough to readContinue reading “‘The Shoe Mender’s Lament and other short stories’ by Peter Ruffell”