Review: ‘The Naseby Horses’ by Dominic Brownlow

(Review prepared from an uncorrected bound proof.)      This fascinating debut novel by Dominic Brownlow joins publisher Louise Walters Books eclectic and growing stable of novels on 5 December 2019. It is gratifying, as a reviewer, to be turned loose on a book in advance of publication and I hope I have provided accurateContinue reading “Review: ‘The Naseby Horses’ by Dominic Brownlow”

Ice cold and free!

Just to let you know that my first collection of prizewinning short fiction is FREE on Kindle from  tomorrow, Saturday 13 July 2019, until next Wednesday, inclusive. Link to AmazonUK here: Link to AmazonUS here: A few words of review on any of The Zons or their subsidiary Goodreads will be warmly appreciated.

‘Eva Jelinek’ by T J Spears

Yee haw! I used to love westerns when I was younger (about 50 years ago) and often regret the need to abandon the genre because of how dated most of them read now, with the evil Indians attacking wagon trains and men being manly and women called Miss Kitty bandaging them up and making themContinue reading “‘Eva Jelinek’ by T J Spears”