Review: ‘Flash Point’ by Paul Adam

I am a big fan of Paul Adam. His two ‘history and mystery’ books in which the central mysteries concern Cremona violins are first rate. And I see he has recently released a third. One of the great things about Adam is that he writes about all kinds of things – always thrillers of oneContinue reading “Review: ‘Flash Point’ by Paul Adam”

Review: ‘Mayan Star’ by Howard Allan

This is my sort of book. Indeed, I am writing one myself (faraway in time and place from this one, I should add). This is the sort of book my friend Glenna calls a ‘history and mystery’. An Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Dan Brown sort of mystery, with its basis in history or legend, thatContinue reading “Review: ‘Mayan Star’ by Howard Allan”