Review: ‘Shine, Darling’ by Ella Frears

I first came across Ella Frears’ work in Tate, St Ives gallery. She is a young, Cornish, poet (now based in London) who has been ‘poet in residence’ at St Ives for a couple of years. I was entranced by her observations about exhibits in the gallery in 2019 when I was in God’s OwnContinue reading “Review: ‘Shine, Darling’ by Ella Frears”

Review: ‘The Pope’s Mistress’ by Laylah Aragón

Genre: Autofiction Description: I make no apology for importing this description of the book more or less verbatim from Amazon. (On other indie sites the description is more colourful than this.) If you want to know how to write a book description, this is a first rate example. But then, you’d need to write aContinue reading “Review: ‘The Pope’s Mistress’ by Laylah Aragón”

Review: ‘Fate’s Arrows 4’: (Florida Folk Magic Stories) by Malcolm R Campbell

Genres: historical, adventure, fantasy Description: this is a story about how the Ku Klux Klan operated in Florida in the nineteen fifties, leavened with a sprinkling of southern conjure magic. Turns out the KKK aren’t very bright and it is easier to confuse them than you might think, or might be deemed wise, considering theyContinue reading “Review: ‘Fate’s Arrows 4’: (Florida Folk Magic Stories) by Malcolm R Campbell”