‘Jeeves and the King of Clubs’ by Ben Schott

I have been a fan of PG Wodehouse since the age of eight, when I came across him in the bookshelves of my primary school and was kept enthralled for weeks. I never quite got over him. Wodehouseian expressions still turn up in my vocab occasionally (Toodle-oo). The love affair is ongoing – despite hisContinue reading “‘Jeeves and the King of Clubs’ by Ben Schott”

Review: ‘Once upon a time in the North’ by Philip Pullman

This is a sweet little hardback book (no paperback apparently available, although there is a Kindle version). It is both inexpensive and beautifully produced. To augment the interesting story there are illustrations purporting to be engravings and facsimiles of documents referred to in the text. There is also a game with a map, a compassContinue reading “Review: ‘Once upon a time in the North’ by Philip Pullman”

Review: “Beneath a Scarlet Sky” by Mark Sullivan

This novel, set in Italy in World War II, was a long time in the making, and relied on both serendipity and catastrophe for its genesis. It is currently in production as a TV vehicle for Tom Holland. The story about the story starts in 2006, when the author was at a low ebb, inContinue reading “Review: “Beneath a Scarlet Sky” by Mark Sullivan”