‘Dancing at the Asylum’ by Marilyn Ricci

This is a poetry project which explores the concept of mental health, those enormous and dour mental institutions which used to dot the countryside until the turn of the last century, and leaves one wondering anew what happens to the people who used to be committed there, who are now cared for in the community.Continue reading “‘Dancing at the Asylum’ by Marilyn Ricci”

‘Like Basically’ by Guy Russell

Guy Russell finally has a pamphlet in print. Huzzah! This is his first pamphlet, and deserves to be widely read, because Russell has plenty of most interesting things to say about the way we live now, and delivers his thoughts with humour and a grip on the vernacular I can only admire. His storytelling isContinue reading “‘Like Basically’ by Guy Russell”

‘Kelpies Don’t Fly: Valkyrie Bestiary Book 5’ by Kim McDougall

I’ve read all five of these now (this one came out in March of 2022) and am pleased that I have two or three shorts in the same milieu still to enjoy. Unusually for series, the plotting of these novels has gotten ever better as the series develops. Usually the one idea the author startedContinue reading “‘Kelpies Don’t Fly: Valkyrie Bestiary Book 5’ by Kim McDougall”