‘Shadow Chasers’ by Paul Adam

First published 2000 by Little Brown & Co I am a big fan of Paul Adam. He is (a bit like Robert Harris) an author of infinite variety. As I also aim to tread new ground with every book I write, I respect this and enjoy the frisson of wondering where we’re off to now,Continue reading “‘Shadow Chasers’ by Paul Adam”

‘Noble Savages: the Olivier Sisters’ by Sarah Watling

(paperback 416 pp, published by Vintage in August, 2020) This is an interesting book about four sisters, cousins of Sir Laurence Olivier (who barely appears, and who I mention just to give a little context). I had certainly not heard of these women before I picked up the book, being attracted by the ‘savage’ aspectContinue reading “‘Noble Savages: the Olivier Sisters’ by Sarah Watling”

Book review: ‘The Cotillion Brigade’ by Glen Craney

Genre: Historical fiction. Description: the novel’s subtitle is “A Novel of the Civil War and the Most Famous Female Militia in American History”. That sums it up very well. It has the same kind of historical sweep as War and Peace but is, mercifully, half the length. (But only half the length!). The book beginsContinue reading “Book review: ‘The Cotillion Brigade’ by Glen Craney”

Book review: ‘Blood Red Sand’ by Damien Larkin

Genre: Alternative/future history Description: This novel is set in the same milieu as Larkin’s debut novel Big Red which came out in 2019. I have not read that book, but felt very little adrift not knowing its content. Blood Red Sand stands satisfactorily alone. Apparently Blood Red Sand is a prequel, so if you enjoyContinue reading “Book review: ‘Blood Red Sand’ by Damien Larkin”