Book Review: ‘Doctor Alien, Three Tales’ by Rajnar Vajra

Genre: SF Description: an alien species, the ‘Tsf’ has begun trading with Earth. They find single members of three other alien species adrift in space and bring them aboard their own space craft. The three appear to have no physical injuries, but perhaps some mental defect? The psychiatrist of the title is deputed to travelContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Doctor Alien, Three Tales’ by Rajnar Vajra”

Book Review: ‘Wyrd Gods: Timelessness Book 1’ by Susana Imaginário

Genre: Myth and legend Description: the author says this book “combines mythology with science fiction and slipstream fantasy in a strange and introspective way”. This is the first book in a tetralogy. Susana Imaginário wrote all four as a single 300,000+ word novel, then took pity on readers and cut the result up into moreContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Wyrd Gods: Timelessness Book 1’ by Susana Imaginário”

Book Review: ‘Ghosts of Sherwood’ by T S Maynard and W J McNally

Genre: Folklore mashup Description: This little book is not what I was expecting. The well known and loved characters from Sherwood Forest are present, sometimes in a book of stories about their deeds, sometimes as LRP gamers, sometimes in ways that are less easy to explain. So mashed up is the book that I cannotContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Ghosts of Sherwood’ by T S Maynard and W J McNally”

Book Review: ‘The Broken Heart of Arelium’ by Alex Robins

Genre: Epic fantasy Description: This is Alex Robins first novel, and the first in a series of four (over arching title ‘War of the Twelve’). This one was published in March 2021, the fourth in June 2022. All have been brought out by Bradypus Publishing. It is not giving away anything you won’t discover inContinue reading “Book Review: ‘The Broken Heart of Arelium’ by Alex Robins”

Book Review: ‘Weatherman’ by Price Doom

Genre: Science fiction novelette Description: This was published around March of 2021. It is a coming of age story about Heart and her father Sonny. They live off grid in a USA which has suffered a lot of environmental damage. They move on every time Sonny fears that God has discovered where they are. SoContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Weatherman’ by Price Doom”