Another kindly review of IDRN

I loved this book. If ever I could write a book – this is one I’d like to have written. It is set in the not too distant future with all the very probable issues that could quite feasibly come about by then and it sets to and tackles them right from the start. The story unfolds at great pace with some wonderful characters and bizarre Tom Sharpish imagery held together with a delicious humour that had me giggling at regular intervals. There’s an eco-armaggedon, ticking clock theme that probably concerns us all and the science fiction is delivered with a Dan Browny type credulity of the incredible – not so technical as to become distracting from the story but well researched so as to make it very valid. It has a very satisfying, resonant ending. It even has a bit of romance! Thoroughly recommend it – there is something for everyone in there – something that should appeal to any reader. It is definitely going in my `read again soon’ stash. Steph McGran


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