‘100 Poems to Save the Earth’

Edited by Zoë Brigley & Kristian Evans This is a fascinating anthology, for a number of reasons. The first is, perhaps, the breadth of knowledge of contemporary poetry displayed by the editors who have compiled it for Seren. They have scoured not only well-trodden poetical paths, but much less well-known by-ways too. In this wayContinue reading “‘100 Poems to Save the Earth’”

Review: ‘The Risks of Dead Reckoning’ by Felicia Watson

Genre: Space opera Description: This is the third and final part of Watson’s trilogy about the Uniterran space ship Lovelace and her crew. Amazon’s description says: “The Lovelace is ordered to respond to a distress call from unexplored space, and from a crew who all died 200 years ago. What they find is not only amazing, butContinue reading “Review: ‘The Risks of Dead Reckoning’ by Felicia Watson”

Review: ‘The Midas Effect’ by Manuel Dorado

(translated by Laura Fitzgerald) Genre: science fiction/technothriller Description: extract from Amazon: “Miguel Le Fablec, a young European university professor, appears to have the ability to turn his imagination into reality – the so-called Midas Effect. Unaware of his power, Miguel attracts the attention of the CIA and NASA, which take him to the US and draw himContinue reading “Review: ‘The Midas Effect’ by Manuel Dorado”

Review: ‘Wild Persistence’ by Katrina Naomi

(Seren Books, 2020) Do you read poetry? Do you read living poets? There is some great stuff being written at the moment, especially by women. Some of it is innovative in form; some uses rhyme and rhythm in novel ways; some of it is in prose. It is about day to day living, influences andContinue reading “Review: ‘Wild Persistence’ by Katrina Naomi”

Review: ‘Never: A Word’ by Andy Christopher Miller

In 2018 I heard Andy Miller give a ‘Friends of Weymouth Library’ talk about growing up in Weymouth, published as The Naples of England. So interesting were his memories that I at once offered to review the book. At that time he hinted that there were matters in the memoir that deserved a book ofContinue reading “Review: ‘Never: A Word’ by Andy Christopher Miller”

Just received this from the Bournemouth Uni, Fresher Prize people:

“I am delighted to let you know that your entry to the Bournemouth Writing Prize, ‘Unexpected Meeting In 2020’ , has been selected for publication in Glean and Graft, one of the anthologies being published by Fresher in 2021. The book will be available in both print and digital editions through Amazon later this year”.Continue reading “Just received this from the Bournemouth Uni, Fresher Prize people:”

Review – ‘Michael Tippett: The Biography’ by Oliver Soden

I have always been a fan of Michael Tippett’s music. Indeed, the wonderful English music written in the first fifty years of the twentieth century I have always considered to be my musical home (apart from rock and blues). I saw that this biography had been published and thought ‘Michael Tippett; there’s a blast fromContinue reading “Review – ‘Michael Tippett: The Biography’ by Oliver Soden”

‘Poems for the year 2020’

Delighted to report that myself and 79 other poets have been anthologised in this timely offering put together by Merryn Williams and now available from Shoestring Press. It deals with the pandemic and lockdown. You might think that would make it a bit samey. Not a bit: I was amazed at the plethora of approachesContinue reading “‘Poems for the year 2020’”