‘Where the Gulls Cry’

My new book of short stories, Where the Gulls Cry, set in and around Weymouth is out now! The book contains 28 little stories. ‘Sea Foal’ is illustrated by Em King, and each of the other 27 by Mat Cross. We pride ourselves on having made the illustrations look just as good on Kindle asContinue reading “‘Where the Gulls Cry’”

Ice cold and free!

Just to let you know that my first collection of prizewinning short fiction is FREE on Kindle from  tomorrow, Saturday 13 July 2019, until next Wednesday, inclusive. Link to AmazonUK here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ice-Cold-Passion-other-stories-ebook/dp/B0190IKL0G/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=ice+cold+passion&qid=1562934746&s=books&sr=1-4 Link to AmazonUS here: https://www.amazon.com/Ice-Cold-Passion-other-stories-ebook/dp/B0190IKL0G/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=ice+cold+passion&qid=1562934831&s=books&sr=1-9 A few words of review on any of The Zons or their subsidiary Goodreads will be warmly appreciated.

I wanna tell you a story …

Here’s the story that I had in Interzone some years ago: 3724 WORDS THUMBS by Judi Moore “Thumbs,” the woman in the white coat said earnestly. “Without opposing thumbs it is impossible to develop any kind of mechanical technology, or to go beyond that. Tool use depends on thumbs. You pull the trigger of aContinue reading “I wanna tell you a story …”