‘Where the Gulls Cry’

My new book of short stories, Where the Gulls Cry, set in and around Weymouth is out now! The book contains 28 little stories. ‘Sea Foal’ is illustrated by Em King, and each of the other 27 by Mat Cross. We pride ourselves on having made the illustrations look just as good on Kindle asContinue reading “‘Where the Gulls Cry’”

Our contribution to The Dorset Year Book, 2020

The Society of Dorset Men issues the DYB annually. This year Emily King and I are in it with my story ‘Sea Foal’ and her illustration of same. In case you don’t fettle a copy, here is our contribution: Sea Foal I often walk along the Esplanade at night. I enjoy the sparkling necklace ofContinue reading “Our contribution to The Dorset Year Book, 2020”

Hooray for Weymouth library

The libraries round here are jolly good. Not least because they now have all four of my titles available to borrow. Huzzah. You can get them from any Dorset library, I understand. Below is a link to Weymouth library (don’t say I don’t look after you): https://www.librarieswest.org.uk/client/en_GB/default/search/results?qu=judi+moore&te=ILS I appear just behind Judi Dench. This isContinue reading “Hooray for Weymouth library”

‘Sea Wall: a journey on the South Dorset Ridgeway’ by Jennifer Hunt (Archaeopteryx, 2016)

I came across this delightful little volume of thoughts, snippets, poems, lino cuts and two inspiring concrete poems at the Weymouth Book Fayre at the beginning of December last year. The Fayre showcased what all us local authors have been producing. A huge range of books was available there, from stunning picture books of theContinue reading “‘Sea Wall: a journey on the South Dorset Ridgeway’ by Jennifer Hunt (Archaeopteryx, 2016)”

Undo changes to annual dogs-on-town-beach permission

If you live in Weymouth and like to walk your dog on the beach in autumn, winter and spring, please consider signing this petition which some of us have put together. Just click the link at the bottom of the post, and you should arrive at the place of signing. If you are walking yourContinue reading “Undo changes to annual dogs-on-town-beach permission”