‘Where the Gulls Cry’

My new book of short stories, Where the Gulls Cry, set in and around Weymouth is out now! The book contains 28 little stories. ‘Sea Foal’ is illustrated by Em King, and each of the other 27 by Mat Cross. We pride ourselves on having made the illustrations look just as good on Kindle asContinue reading “‘Where the Gulls Cry’”

Our contribution to The Dorset Year Book, 2020

The Society of Dorset Men issues the DYB annually. This year Emily King and I are in it with my story ‘Sea Foal’ and her illustration of same. In case you don’t fettle a copy, here is our contribution: Sea Foal I often walk along the Esplanade at night. I enjoy the sparkling necklace ofContinue reading “Our contribution to The Dorset Year Book, 2020”

New review in Frost magazine

There is currently an enthusiastic review in Frost magazine for my novel Wonders will never cease. If you’re stuck for a Christmas pressie for someone who has a connection to the Open Uni, why not get them a copy? They can spend 12 happy days of Christmas looking to see if they’re in it …Continue reading “New review in Frost magazine”

‘Whales and Strange Stars’: review

Kathy Sharp is a novelist well known for her three charming fantasy books set on an historical, fictionalised Isle of Portland: the Larus trilogy. This, her latest novel, is also set in a simpler time than our own – but in a quite different place (although in it, too, water plays an important part). WhalesContinue reading “‘Whales and Strange Stars’: review”

Wonders will never cease

My new novel, coincidentally entitled Wonders will never cease, will be available on Kindle on 2 December. You may pre-order it from Friday 24 November. Please share this information on all the social media sites you frequent. The whereabouts of the paperback is currently a bit of a mystery. But it too should be availableContinue reading “Wonders will never cease”

My Writing Process Blog Tour

I’ve been asked to take part in the My Writing Process Blog Tour, by Caroline Davies*. This is a sort of chain letter for writers who blog. We’re each given the same four questions to answer. Do we all do it the same way? Almost certainly not. There are those who plan meticulously before gettingContinue reading “My Writing Process Blog Tour”

***** Indie Books

Leaving aside the quality of my own independently published book (I have soooo lost sight of whether it’s good, bad, indifferent or all of these) I find in my own indie reading that I have come across nothing, so far, to which I would give the accolade of 5 stars. If something I’ve read isContinue reading “***** Indie Books”


Anyone who’s read through the LBMC reviews I’ve posted on here to date will have noticed some variety in the formatting. Trust me – they left Word formatted identically. But somehow they’ve arrived here as twisted and deformed versions of their lovely selves. The principal bugbear is the disappearance of double spacing between paragraphs. IContinue reading “Technicalities”

Edinburgh try-outs

Various chums are bravely heading off to do their Thing in Edinburgh this summer. Next week – 26 July – Fay Roberts is trying out her material at the Hackney Attic in London E8.  Check it out online. More about that when I’ve been. Last night was the Milton Keynes try-out gig of McNeil andContinue reading “Edinburgh try-outs”