Get ’em when they’re young …

I’ve just been alerted to the most astonishing book for children. It is American.  It’s called ‘My Beautiful Mommy (note Am spelling) and has been written by Michael Alexander Salzhauer. I’m not going to post a link. It just encourages them. It sets out why American Mommies want to, or should, have plastic surgery. IContinue reading “Get ’em when they’re young …”

Indie writing scene?

Vanessa Gebbie and various literati (with yours truly holding a watching brief) have recently been discussing e-books and self-publishing generally on Facebook. Now that there is Kindle anyone can put a reasonably professional-looking produce in front of readers, so this is timely. Vanessa – rightly – raised the queston of quality. And whether, despite the ease of acquisition withContinue reading “Indie writing scene?”

Tender Napalm

Me ‘n’ my friend Caroline went to see this on the occasion of its world premiere. I was hoping to post a bit about it before now but the good news is that it’s still on until 14 May so you’ve still got time to rush along there and buy one of the ridiculously cheapContinue reading “Tender Napalm”

I wanna tell you a story …

Here’s the story that I had in Interzone some years ago: 3724 WORDS THUMBS by Judi Moore “Thumbs,” the woman in the white coat said earnestly. “Without opposing thumbs it is impossible to develop any kind of mechanical technology, or to go beyond that. Tool use depends on thumbs. You pull the trigger of aContinue reading “I wanna tell you a story …”


Finally I have some quality time to give my book a push. Which includes making this blog look like it’s mine rather than any-old-body’s … The header’s pretty flash, eh? It’s an extraction of the cover artwork, which was created (at light speed!) by my very dear friend David Baxter. Talented man. Hope you likeContinue reading “Progress”