Review: ‘Inside the Seventh Wave’ by GW Hawker

Gothic fiction on Chesil Beach This unusual novel is primarily peopled by four characters who live in a short terrace of foundationless cottages on the edge of Chesil Beach, on Portland, which is on the Dorset coast of Britain (I explain for American readers who have a Portland of their own in Oregon). At theContinue reading “Review: ‘Inside the Seventh Wave’ by GW Hawker”

Review: ‘Moonfleet’ by John Meade Falkner

When I moved to Weymouth in 2016 I quickly discovered that the magnificent natural geography of Chesil Beach, the Fleet and Portland are the settings for this book. I had known of it as a youngster. But I’m not sure I ever read it. So I invested in an inexpensive copy and it has beenContinue reading “Review: ‘Moonfleet’ by John Meade Falkner”