‘Oz’ by Bobbie Darbyshire, published by Cinnamon Press, 2014

When I read the sample of this, it was the best sample I’d read on my Kindle. Of anything. Ever. And I read a lot of samples. So I actually bought a brand new copy of the book (something I seldom do – impoverished writer labouring in garret, yada yada). And now that I haveContinue reading “‘Oz’ by Bobbie Darbyshire, published by Cinnamon Press, 2014”

My Writing Process Blog Tour

I’ve been asked to take part in the My Writing Process Blog Tour, by Caroline Davies*. This is a sort of chain letter for writers who blog. We’re each given the same four questions to answer. Do we all do it the same way? Almost certainly not. There are those who plan meticulously before gettingContinue reading “My Writing Process Blog Tour”

Poetry collection: ‘Anything in Turquoise’ by Wendy Klein, from Cinnamon Press

This is a collection in two halves. The first half is material which engages the reader vibrantly in a Jewish household which is both quintessentially American and surviving robustly in Oxford in Britain. The memories of family are put on the page in ways which spoke to me. They were of such everyday, little aspectsContinue reading “Poetry collection: ‘Anything in Turquoise’ by Wendy Klein, from Cinnamon Press”

“We got us a Convoy” …

So, me hearties, last night we foregathered in the forecastle (possibly) of HQS Wellington to launch Caroline Davies excellent book of poetry entitled ‘Convoy’. It deals mainly with the siege of Malta by the Axis Powers during WWII* and also with the homefront in Wales, and has as its foundation Caroline’s grandfather’s war and herContinue reading ““We got us a Convoy” …”

@ The Albion Beatnik

Last Wednesday I had the good fortune to be the rump (no really it’s true) of a party heading from Milton Keynes to The Albion (via supper with Oxford-centred writing chums) for a poetry reading by Wendy Klein and Dorothy Yamamoto. And I’ve been meaning to jot down some thoughts about it for nearly aContinue reading “@ The Albion Beatnik”