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The Georgina Hawtrey-Woore Award

June 7, 2018

Delighted finally to be able to announce that my novella, Little Mouse, has won the above this year. Words for the Wounded run a competition for long fiction and non-fiction. I entered Little Mouse in the fiction for adults category. “We are thrilled to let you know that Little Mouse is the winner of our Fiction category. It is a fabulous book, and we were unanimous in awarding you First Place. Congratulations from us all.”

I’ve known about this for many weeks, but have been sworn to secrecy – so, of course, I had to forget all about it or explode. But my subconscious didn’t forget. Yesterday was The Day of Announcement and a light bulb came on somewhere in my hindbrain. A little voice said, ‘time to blow your own trumpet.’ So here we are: toot, toot, tootle tootle, toot.

“After Kristallnacht in 1938 Doktor Theodore Goldstein, his wife Lisl, and their small son Theo, flee from Berlin, across the North Sea to Edinburgh. There, for more than ten years, they build a new life – a good life. But then a friend from the old days arrives, and they find themselves once again facing ruin and terror.”


‘Is death really necessary?’

September 20, 2009



 What’s it about?

 It is 2038. In Edinburgh a furious father-daughter relationship has finally come to an end with the death of Theo Goldstein at the age of 106. By this time most of his organs are plastic, developed and produced by his own prosthetics company, Gold’s. To everyone’s surprise he leaves his beloved company to his daughter, Teddy, who is terminally ill herself with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. She quickly realizes why he has done this, and the potential of his last, controversial – and now illegal –  project: Self Heal. Using nanonics, tiny machines, “smaller than a bacterium,” home in on a single target, “like sharks in a feeding frenzy, sucking out of each target the single thing they are programed to destroy, rendering it harmless.” Researchers at Gold’s race to revive and complete Theo’s project under Teddy’s impatient guidance. All hope Self Heal will cure her MRTB at the molecular level and provide a cure for all of the world’s killer diseases. But one of the research team has a hidden agenda – and a very different, far more destructive use in mind for nanonics.

(with thanks to Publishers Weekly).

What are they saying about it?

 “When you throw a heaping helping of international intrigue into a pot already seasoned by one character’s life or death race against time and technology, you’ve got tons of literary fuel just sitting there waiting to explode.” (Daniel Jolly,

 “This talented author knows how to create fascinating characters and handle the intricacies of tech-based sci-fi while keeping the prose, clean and jargon-free.” (Publishers Weekly)

Where can you get it?

 The book is published by It is available from, and from WH Smith and Waterstone’s online at £6.99. The ISBN is 978-1-84923-432-0.

 About the author

 Judi has been writing professionally for the last twelve years. This, her first published novel, was long-listed for the Amazon/ABNA novel competition in 2008. Her work appears in a number of magazines and anthologies, including Interzone, the American on-line magazine Carve, Acclaim, Earlyworks anthologies with islands in mind, The Road Unravelled, the Independent on Sunday/Bloomsbury short story anthology of 1997 and World Wide Writers No 4. She won the new writers’ short story competition in 2003 and was runner up in the WWW short fiction competition in 1998. She also tutors creative writing for The Open University.

         She lives with a pleasant sense of dichotomy in an old cottage in the new town of Milton Keynes with several black and white critturs.

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