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Wonders will never cease

November 21, 2017

My new novel, coincidentally entitled Wonders will never cease, will be available on Kindle on 2 December. You may pre-order it from Friday 24 November.

Please share this information on all the social media sites you frequent.

The whereabouts of the paperback is currently a bit of a mystery. But it too should be available on or shortly after 2 December.

WWNC Front Cover November 02 (002)


Coming soon

October 3, 2014

little_mouse_front_5x8 FinalMy new novella, Little Mouse, will be available soon in paperback from Feedaread, Amazon (UK and US) The Book Depository, and Barnes & Noble. It will also be available on Kindle.

Here is a little taster of what it’s about:

After Kristallnacht in 1938 Doktor Theodore Goldstein, his wife Lisl, and their small son Theo, flee from Berlin, across the North Sea to Edinburgh. There, for more than ten years, they build a new life – a good life. But then a friend from the old days arrives, and they find themselves once again facing ruin and terror.

And a couple of kindly reviews:

“I have just finished reading your novella and must say that I was totally taken away by it. When I had to leave it, it stayed in my mind and I kept thinking about it so that shows what an effect it had on me.” Sam Pope

“a gripping tale which asks us all how far we would go to protect our families.” Su Lynch

Exciting, eh? Rest assured, as soon as it’s out you’ll be the first to know!

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