New review in Frost magazine

There is currently an enthusiastic review in Frost magazine for my novel Wonders will never cease. If you’re stuck for a Christmas pressie for someone who has a connection to the Open Uni, why not get them a copy? They can spend 12 happy days of Christmas looking to see if they’re in it …Continue reading “New review in Frost magazine”

Review of ‘Little Mouse’ in ‘Frost’ magazine

Some of you may have noticed that the wee rodent won a prize recently. It is the 2018 Words for the Wounded Georgina Hawtrey-Woore Award for Independent Authors Fiction Winner. Now a splendid review of it has appeared in Frost magazine here: Here is the actual review, by Margaret Graham: “Little Mouse is what any fictionContinue reading “Review of ‘Little Mouse’ in ‘Frost’ magazine”