Lovely review of ‘Wonders will never cease’

Just seen a very positive review of ‘Wonders will never cease’ on Amazon. Thank you JC, whoever you are! “A very enjoyable novel – especially if you have any inside knowledge of the workings of a certain unique university! Judi writes skilfully with great style. Reading this book led me read all her other Kindle-publishedContinue reading “Lovely review of ‘Wonders will never cease’”

Jonathan’s Shield by Channing Turner

**Originally written for “BigAl’s Books and Pals” book blog. May have received a free review copy.** Genre: Historical fiction Description: “Beral’s only goal is to serve loyally as Jonathan’s shield bearer and protect his prince through whatever battles may come. But Jonathan needs a friend as well, a man he can trust while navigating theContinue reading “Jonathan’s Shield by Channing Turner”

The joys of the digital deluge

I read this interesting snippet in my April issue of Literary Review today, it’s extracted from John Sutherland’s review of Dear Mark Twain: Letters from His Readers, ed R Kent Rasmussen, University of California Press: “… the internet is revolutionising historical research methods, and this volume is a testament to the possibilities. Among the onlineContinue reading “The joys of the digital deluge”