Review: ‘Inside the Seventh Wave’ by GW Hawker

Gothic fiction on Chesil Beach This unusual novel is primarily peopled by four characters who live in a short terrace of foundationless cottages on the edge of Chesil Beach, on Portland, which is on the Dorset coast of Britain (I explain for American readers who have a Portland of their own in Oregon). At theContinue reading “Review: ‘Inside the Seventh Wave’ by GW Hawker”

Another indie book found! The Martian

REALLY good indie books do not come galumphing by in herds. This is only the second – apart from [coughs modestly] my own that I recommend without hesitation. So … ta da! I give you Andy Weir’s ‘The Martian’. Except that I can’t give him to you because his excellent book (which I’ve just reviewedContinue reading “Another indie book found! The Martian”

***** Indie Books

Leaving aside the quality of my own independently published book (I have soooo lost sight of whether it’s good, bad, indifferent or all of these) I find in my own indie reading that I have come across nothing, so far, to which I would give the accolade of 5 stars. If something I’ve read isContinue reading “***** Indie Books”