This evening, for at least half an hour, my new book Wonders will never cease  made it into Amazon’s Kindle top 100 satirical novels (soixante neuf, since you ask) one ahead of Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman. Now that’s posh company to be in! It is a teeny tiny,  specialised, list I grant you – but myContinue reading “Gulp!”

Lovely review of ‘Wonders will never cease’

Just seen a very positive review of ‘Wonders will never cease’ on Amazon. Thank you JC, whoever you are! “A very enjoyable novel – especially if you have any inside knowledge of the workings of a certain unique university! Judi writes skilfully with great style. Reading this book led me read all her other Kindle-publishedContinue reading “Lovely review of ‘Wonders will never cease’”

‘Wonders will never cease’ now live on Amazon!

Hooray – new book is now live to buy on Kindle from The Zon @ £3.50 (paperpack will be £7.99). A proof of the paperback book arrived on Saturday. Although, sadly, the paperback will not be available to buy for a little while yet.

Book review: ‘A murder on the Appian Way’ by Steven Saylor

This book was ‘givers’. Indeed, I cannot even remember who gave it to me. It has had a hard life, which it began in Poole library. Lord knows where it has been since then to get so tatty, but I shall put it on the shelf of treasured fiction and search out more by MrContinue reading “Book review: ‘A murder on the Appian Way’ by Steven Saylor”

Wonders will never cease

My new novel, coincidentally entitled Wonders will never cease, will be available on Kindle on 2 December. You may pre-order it from Friday 24 November. Please share this information on all the social media sites you frequent. The whereabouts of the paperback is currently a bit of a mystery. But it too should be availableContinue reading “Wonders will never cease”

My booky-wooks

In case there’s anyone alive who hasn’t heard me bang on about my books. Or you’ve been living in a cave in the Outer Hebrides for the past few years, here is a reprise. They are all available from AmazonUK and US, Waterstone’s online, fishpond, The Book Depository and, in the States, Barnes & Noble.Continue reading “My booky-wooks”

JM interviewed by Big Al for the Indie View! Well chuffed.

“Where did you get the idea from? I’m a flitter and sipper: I pick up a sound bite here, a picture there, a quote from what’s in the news, a bit of interesting history, a dollop of current science, a snippet from my own life. I like my writing to be a rich stew ofContinue reading “JM interviewed by Big Al for the Indie View! Well chuffed.”

Another good review for ‘Little Mouse’

“This is a fabulous novella – a form that is much misunderstood, as it is neither a long short story nor a short novel, but something that has more in common with the unities, I think. It’s a compelling, very well-written, rather sad book, and one which asks in unified length what it means toContinue reading “Another good review for ‘Little Mouse’”

A review of ‘Little Mouse’

“This little book is a really gripping read, the characters live as real and the situations appear real. Its a short read, so great for someone like me, as I am a slow reader, and I found it difficult to put it down. I wasn’t totally happy about the ending, but then I don’t thinkContinue reading “A review of ‘Little Mouse’”