Review: ‘Beach Magic: The Elemental Keys, Book 4’ by Lynne Cantwell

Genre: modern fantasy The first three books in this series were previously entitled Rivers Run, Treacherous Ground, and Molten Trail. They are now entitled River Magic, Bog Magic and Gecko Magic. And they have new covers that clearly match this one. It is under those latter titles that you should search for them. * Description:Continue reading “Review: ‘Beach Magic: The Elemental Keys, Book 4’ by Lynne Cantwell”

Review: ‘Bog Magic: Elemental Keys Book 2’  by Lynne Cantwell

I am embarrassed to discover that I never posted this second part of ‘Elemental Keys’ to my blog last October, when it was called Treacherous Ground. Mea culpa! Now it has been retitled, recovered and reissued So here is the original review, with the new cover and title. (Confused? You have no idea! I haveContinue reading “Review: ‘Bog Magic: Elemental Keys Book 2’  by Lynne Cantwell”

Review: ‘River Magic : The Elemental Keys Book 1’ by Lynne Cantwell

‘River Magic’ was previously published as ‘Rivers Run’. It is Book 1 in the author’s Elemental Keys series and I reviewed it when it first came out. (BTW – if you have already read the series with the original titles and covers I’d be intrigued to hear what you think of the new titles andContinue reading “Review: ‘River Magic : The Elemental Keys Book 1’ by Lynne Cantwell”

Review: ‘Gecko Magic: The Elemental Keys Book 3’ by Lynne Cantwell

NB – This book was previous issued as Molten Trail: Elemental Keys Book 3 Genre: Modern fantasy Description: some spoilers are inevitable here if you haven’t read the first two books in this series. Four demi-elementals (half human) have been brought together by The Powers That Be to foil a demon named Surgat – whichContinue reading “Review: ‘Gecko Magic: The Elemental Keys Book 3’ by Lynne Cantwell”

Two modern fantasy novellas by Annie Bellet

Justice Calling: The Twenty-Sided Sorceress, Book 1 and Murder of Crows: The Twenty-Sided Sorceress, Book 2 There is an interesting genre developing which I call modern fantasy. There are no swords or sandals, no dragons or fairies – but there are beings drawn from the many myths and legends of our world, mashed together, and setContinue reading “Two modern fantasy novellas by Annie Bellet”

Review: ‘Rivers Run: Elemental Keys Book 1’, by Lynne Cantwell

** Review originally prepared for ‘Big Al and Pals’ ** Genre: Urban Fantasy Description: Raney Meadows is an actor in a long-running TV series. It has all become a bit much for her, so she takes a leave of absence to hike part of the Appalachian Trail and clear her mind. Unfortunately, on the TrailContinue reading “Review: ‘Rivers Run: Elemental Keys Book 1’, by Lynne Cantwell”